Distance & Online Learning


This course is available either by post or online. If choosing the online option,  the Modules will be emailed to you and the assignments can be scanned or photographed and emailed to me for a detailed assessment with suggestions and advice.

I am offering services that no other artist provides.


My Distance Learning course has been operating successfully for nearly twenty years. During that time many students globally have successfully completed the course, and many have gone on to exhibit, win some awards and produce some amazing work. Students ages have been from 19 to 90, and all finished the course with a superb painting and a great sense of satisfaction.

 “…botanical draughtsmanship demands understanding of the plant, even down to minute detail, as well as its portrayal with accuracy and grace…precise observation develops superb techniques of drawing and colouring.”     

 William T. Stern in ‘The Orchid Paintings of Franz Bauer’



Why Distance Learning by post?
You may be unable to attend regular classes due to your location, current employment or study, health issues, time or commitment factors. This method also suits students with no internet access, or a computer or printer.

Why Online Learning?
Apart from the reasons above, t
here are no additional postage charges for international students. The emails are immediate with no issues of posting, safety with delivery or time taken to deliver by post.

 What advantages does Distance Learning offer?
You work at your own pace from the comfort of home. All skills levels are catered for from the absolute beginner to the experienced artist who would like to learn new skills.

 What do I receive for the course?
There are seven modules in all, divided into Drawing and Watercolour components. Each module contains an average of fifteen pages of comprehensive information and course notes and assignments, step by step demonstrations and examples to follow. These pages can be put together at the completion of the course to form a book ‘The Art of Botanical Drawing and Painting’, which will be a permanent research and revision book for your library. Each module follows a logical sequence and builds on the knowledge gained in the previous modules.

 Are  there any videos with this course?
Yes – there are extensive videos accompanying this course for each module, to make your learning experience even better, with easier learning coupled with the modules. You can refer to the videos for an unlimited amount of time.

Do I need previous experience?
No previous knowledge is required or assumed. You will learn everything you need to know about botanical drawing and painting; from paper, materials and drawing techniques, through all facets of watercolour painting, including colour mixing, matching and glazing to the final painting. Modules will cover tone, light and shade, texture, composition and form, and much more. You will learn to create the illusion of realism and three dimensionality, and to develop your observational skills.

What feedback do I receive?
Every assignment is individually critiqued, and comments, advice and suggestions are given. This enables you to move forward with your assignments with confidence. At times, your assignment will be copied and I will demonstrate on the assignment where you can improve.  This suits all preferred methods of learning.  I am also available if you have any problems or queries about the modules or assignments.

Is the course expensive?
It is considerably less expensive to do the Distance Learning Course, than attending classes or workshops. You receive one-on-one tuition and a detailed critique with suggestions and advice for each assignment. I also provide a ‘Pay as you Go’ option. Contact me for further information. See cost below.

 Do I need a computer? Are the lessons done online?
By Post: No, you do not need a computer. This option allows me to see the pencil lines, tonal values and drawing techniques, and the brush strokes, colour matching and painting techniques.

Online: The online option enables you to scan your assignments and email them to me for a detailed critique. You can also photograph your assignments and attach to the email or even take a photo with your mobile phone and SMS the assignments image to my mobile. The critique will be emailed to you, along with your next Module.

How long will the course take to complete?
There is a twelve month time restriction for all modules to be completed, if post the assignments. You work at your worn pace, and there is no definite deadline on each individual assignment.

 How do I enrol and pay?
A registration form is sent on request. Payment is made by direct debit (banking details will be provided).

 Do I receive any qualifications?
The only formal recognised qualifications in botanical art are those acquired at university within a Natural History degree.  You will receive a Certificate of Botanical Merit on completion of this course.

Cost:  AUD395.00 

Botanical Art Course Outline

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